Email marketing on your behalf.

We have an active database of current email addresses. Additionally we also have a huge data base of emails linked to decision makers within companies which are actively researched through our dedicated research team whom are also adding additional decision makers daily. Our service is not very complicated or fancy. You provide us with a brief description of what your company offers. Residential or corporate services. We put it into an email and it then gets sent to consumers.

How does this get back to you? Each consumer that is interested in your services will respond back to us. We will provide them with a reference number and pass this information on to you, and you will contact the customer and take it from there.

What will this cost you? Each customer we provide you with, we ask a small once off flat rate. This means you have extra marketing being done for your business and it brings in extra customers that does not cost you monthly fees but only once you receive interested customers that need to be contacted for quotes and/or appointments. Should you be interested in this service kindly let us know so we can start immediately.




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